• A very good behaviour is expected from students to their friends, teacher, juniors, seniors and school staff. Inappropriate behaviour by students to any one, will not be tolerated.
  • Students of all cast and all religions are welcome
  • Clapping to the head is strictly forbidden for everyone
  • School dress and the carrying of an ID-card are compulsory
  • Students & teachers are expected to arrive on time
  • Students & teachers are expected to converse in English.
  • Students are obliged to wear the school uniform.
  • Hand washing after toilet is mandatory
  • All students are not allowed to leave the school premises without getting permission.
  • Every morning there is a check of hair, teeth, clean hands and dress
  • No litter is allowed on school or health post ground
  • No spitting is permitted on school or health post ground
  • No smoking and drugs are allowed on school or health post ground


  • All students must attend the school in the following uniform.
  • All students should have two sets of uniform.
  • Shirt:
    • Full or half white colour shirt (for Tuesday and Wednesday)
    • Full or half blue colour shirt (for Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday)
  • Pant and skirt: Grey in colour
  • Tie: Grey tie with school logo
  • Ribbon: House colours
  • Socks: Blue
  • Shoes: Black leather shoe
  • Hair style:
    • Crew cut for boys
    • Tied together into bunches for girls and twisted into two each side of head

The School Day: Timings

All students must reach the school between 9:00-9:20 am.

·  The bell will ring at 9:25 am.

·  Lunchtime is from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm.

·  School ends at 3:35 pm.

No student will be allowed to exit from school before the final bell rings.